JIMBI - Nairobi Flour Mills Ltd. (Grain  Millers)

About Us

Family-run Nairobi Flour Mills commenced in 1949 as small-scale grain millers in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1967, the company introduced the brand ‘Jimbi’ – the second oldest brand in the Kenyan grain milling market and subsequently ‘Jimbi Homebaking’ was introduced.


Nairobi Flour Mills’s principal activity is milling maize into maize flour, which is the staple food of the Kenyan market. It also has two subsidiaries, United Bags Manufacturers and Jimbi Insurance Agents, which are incorporated and domiciled in Kenya. The company has a total milling capacity of 120 metric tonnes of raw maize per 24 hours, which equates to 1,330 - 90kg bags, translating to 3,600 metric tonnes per month.


The fully-automated manufacturing technology can be run 300 days per year depending on customer demand. The company’s production floor layout consists of procurement where high quality maize with 12-14 percent moisture content is procured, storage, where it is stored in optimal conditions in the warehouses. The milling process and packaging then takes place which is automated for 1kg and 2kg packets and done manually for larger loads. All products are sold locally with no exports. Our flagship brand, Jimbi Maize Meal is well-known for its high-quality which enjoys good consumer loyalty. Our national market share is around 5 percent, concentrating mainly in Nairobi, Central, Eastern and Coast provinces. Nairobi Flour Mills has also constructed warehouses, sub-contracted to external parties with possible plans for use if the company expands in the future.


Our workforce at Nairobi Flour Mills consists of between 50 and 60 employees, the majority of which are mostly local citizens. Training programmes are offered to workers as and when required although basic fire, health, and safety training are held on a periodical basis. Depending on the workload requirements, casual employees are also hired on a daily basis.


The company has installed IT systems, to significantly assist in measuring, analyzing and investigating performance. The company has also installed the latest accounting systems to ensure optimal data collection, analysis and records are maintained. We ensure that quality is maintained right from the procurement stage where moisture meters are used to determine the quality of raw maize, right up to the finished product when samples are tested to maintain quality levels. Over the years, all installed machines have been constantly upgraded and well-maintained to meet our quality standards.